We Have More Creative Capacity At Our Fingertips Than Ever Before

In a session at SMW New York about using mobile technologies to enhance creativity, we heard from Andrew Jarecki (Director of HBO’s “The Jinx” and Founder of the app KnowMe), Wilson Kriegel (Chief Business Development Officer & GM of PicsArt), Morgan Murphy (Producer and Writer), and Niklas Lindstrom (Head of Interactive Production for Droga5). The session was moderated by Toby Daniels (Founder & Executive Director of Social Media Week).

Andrew began speaking about the power we have to create such amazing things with the technologies we all possesses in our hands and pockets. “It’s important to be able to use the power of the tools we carry in our pockets to convey our stories.” Wilson mentioned, however, that these technologies aren’t just abut capturing and sharing, but rather are about self-expression.

Morgan spoke about how social media acts as her creative outlet for self-expression. She mentioned how Twitter specifically provides her the opportunity to put out her thoughts online. “It’s a way of saying this is me, this is my voice.” As she noted, only people who like her sensibility and sense of humor will follow her, she doesn’t have to worry about the people who don’t like her voice.

Talking about the democratization of social media and user generated content, Niklas mentioned how “it’s often very hard for brands to control user generated content and what consumers do when you put the power of communicating in their hands. Brands really need to understand their audiences.”

Wilson spoke about the effects of seeing creativity and self-expression in social media. “When people see things that are inspiring, they get inspired to create. That’s one of the most amazing things that happens when you are exposed to creativity or self-expression.”

Andrew also told us about his app KnowMe, which enables people to make and share videos very easily. He noted how regular people want to be able to tell their stories, but might not have the resources of high-tech cameras and video editing software, which KnowMe helps solve. Morgan told us about how she uses KnowMe to create funny videos.

She believes it’s “more earnest,” than other video sharing platforms. “I feel like I’m being my own documentarian. I used to have a hundred video editing apps on my phone. Now I think I use three: KnowMe, Instagram, and Twitter.”

The panel discussed professionals and celebrities entering into the social media world. Niklas noted how the influencers we see on social media “are able to gain followers through producing niche content that is authentic.”

Wilson said that “people want to interact with things they have passions for. When we work with certain brands, celebrities, and artists, people can create things that they enjoy.”

Article Written By: Yale Buchwald