What Brands Still Need to Learn About Influencer Marketing

Advertisers are still extremely intrigued by the new concept of Influencer Marketing. Social media stars are getting paid to pitch their products to a large base of millennial followers that will trust their opinion. However, influencer marketing is still a relatively new marketing concept with new social media platforms launching frequently, thus there are still standards that need to be established.  With the unfamiliarity of these social media platforms, it can be hard to measure your success of the Influencer campaign.

Finding the right influencer – Occasionally, a brand would partner with an influencer simply because they ‘like’ them and wish to work with them.
Unfortunately, a brand and influencer won’t always match. The brand needs to understand that an influencer and brand have to match accordingly to various factors for the best potential success of the campaign.  Find out how we carefully select the perfect social media influencer for your brand: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-find-right-social-influencers-your-brand-maher-jaber?trk=prof-post

Measure for success: Marketing is not still – it’s constantly changing; especially with new platforms being released frequently. Although most marketers have moved past evaluating a digital media personality’s influence, some marketers are not updated on the changing trends. Measuring success for an Influencer campaign has various factors.

There is no denial that the follower count matters. However, there is a difference between a highly engaged fan and a follower that simply ‘likes’ every post. Engagement, likes, shares and impressions are all different measures of unit for success.

Read about how BrandFIT could convert your subtle ‘impressions’ into engagement for higher rates of success:  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/impressions-versus-engagement-maher-jaber?trk=mp-reader-card

Different platforms = Different meanings: A ‘like’ or view’ could have different meaning/significance based on the platform.

A marketer stated, “A like on Instagram has just a lot less friction than a like on Facebook, and you tend to get more of them [on Instagram],” The sources said. “It just points to the fact that its early days and people haven’t figured it out.”

Different earnings for different events: Social Media Influencers are earning majority of their earnings from endorsements (As high as $300 000) whereas a celebrity would get paid $5000 to $10 000 for simply showing up to an event.

But in terms of sales, influencers generate more leads! For product promotion, social media stars are the way to go!

Social media seems like a no-brainer to many people – However, there is a complicated logic behind each and every platform. These are only a few of te many hidden rules of social media, so leave it to the professionals to execute your campaigns. Influencer Marketing campaigns are effective only if it’s executed correctly: Something that BrandFIT Inc. can do on your behalf! Check out our website for more details: www.brandfit.ca