Why Brands Should Partner With BrandFIT Inc.

Influencer Marketing has been a popular topic of discussion in the world of Marketing. It seems that everyone can easily define what it is, especially if you’re a social media expert. However, another topic of discussion is:

Should a brand really invest their time and money into these Influencers for their content, ideas and participation?

Here’s my honest opinion: Yes!

Individuals who are considered to be ‘influential’ have an underestimated power over their viewers. They can create a huge difference for your brand and sales. It goes without saying that humans have a natural tendency to trust real people, rather than signs. Brands can utilize this human side of marketing to catch the interest of loyal consumers in the long run. Here are the reasons why you should be involved in the new trend of Influencer Marketing:

  • Their personal connection with their fans – The difference between traditional advertising and influencer marketing is the personal connection. An online advertisement could attract thousands of impressions, but there would be no long-term brand loyalty from these potential consumers. Whereas an Influencer has means of informing and connecting with their viewers to help your brand build a better name and earn loyal followers.
  • The Exponential Growth of Social Media Platforms –Within the past several years, Social Media has grown substantially. According to a study, 74% of consumers rely on social media to inform their purchasing decisions. To hire famous social media celebrities would be a benefit for both parties.Social-Media-Growth-2011 (1)
  • With Influencer Marketing, your brand is no longer the messenger.Screenshot (17)

Influencers will take the lead in their creative expression to ensure that they will impress you and their audience to ultimately increase sales. After all, the influencer knows their audience the best!