Why you should promote your agency on LinkedIn

As a marketer, LinkedIn can be a great place to promote your skills and accomplishments and connect with others in your industry. You never know when those connections could lead you to new opportunities.

However, LinkedIn isn’t just for individuals. There are many reasons your agency should maintain an active presence, too.

LinkedIn is the place decision makers go to find valuable content. When executives were asked about the top places to find relevant, high-quality content, 91 percent cited LinkedIn, while only 29 percent said Twitter, and 27 percent said Facebook.

Given that most readers of content on LinkedIn are high-level decision makers, the social network can also be a great place to generate leads for your agency (if used correctly and strategically). From posting your services to sharing updates with clients, here are a few ways agencies can take advantage of a LinkedIn company page:


1. Highlight your services.

If you have a team made up of highly-skilled marketing professionals, LinkedIn is an obvious place to focus your efforts. Having a company page can allow you to highlight your team’s experience and accomplishments, provide samples of your work, and let clients see for themselves what makes you qualified to promote their product or service.

Use your LinkedIn company page to highlight what services your agency offers and how you are different from other agencies. You can create a LinkedIn showcase page, which appears below your company description, for each service you offer. Each showcase page will have its own news feed where you can post helpful information or updates and share them on your company page.


2. Share updates with clients.

Encouraging your current clients to follow your LinkedIn company page can do several favors for your agency. If your agency hires an expert new team member, wins an award or has any other exciting company updates, you can be sure your clients will see the news in their feeds.

Besides showcasing your agency’s growth and achievements, you can also share the content you are creating for your agency blog or other clients. There are more than 500 million LinkedIn users, but only 3 million share content on a weekly basis. That means that just 3 million users are on the receiving end of the 9 billion impressions generated on LinkedIn each week.

LinkedIn is one of the few social networks that still has significant opportunities to get your content in front of your audience organically if you update your page consistently. If your agency offers social media marketing services, then maintaining an active presence on your LinkedIn company page also shows clients that you practice what you preach.


3. Generate leads.

Eighty percent of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, compared to 13 percent on Twitter and 7 percent on Facebook. This one stat alone should be enough to convince your agency to start investing more time and effort in LinkedIn.

Including relevant keywords on your company page can help you ensure that the right people will see it. As an agency, you should specify the types of marketing work you have done (i.e., online, print, television radio), the software you have used, and any specific areas of expertise. If you have worked for a well-known company or spearheaded an important project, be sure to include those facts on your company page.

If you have client recommendations about your agency, make sure you are highlighting them on your page as well. While LinkedIn doesn’t offer a dedicated recommendations or reviews sections for company pages, you can get creative and include client quotes on your service showcase pages, or turn them into nice graphics and share them as company updates. These quotes can go along way when potential clients land on your agency’s LinkedIn page.


Investing In LinkedIn for the long-run

To succeed as an agency, you need to promote not just your clients but also every person working behind the scenes. Your LinkedIn company page should highlight your team’s accomplishments using as many of the features available as possible. All of these pieces of information will not only showcase your professional qualifications, but they can also provide links to your clients and others in your industry of expertise that can be helpful in networking.

Even if you are not actively seeking new clients, circumstances could change, or your team could decide to pursue new challenges. Developing and maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn now can help your agency whenever you want or need to search for new opportunities.

Article written by: Albizu Garcia