Xbox Drafts Twitter in Gears of War 4 #PartnerUp Promo

Xbox has tag teamed with Twitter in a new social media campaign called #PartnerUp, looking to drive awareness around the launch of Gears of War.

Gamers interested in winning a copy of the game and other ‘goodies’ are invited to tweet using #PartnerUp, whereupon the @XboxUK account will automatically accept their entry.

In attempt to build the game’s community, the social network has been tapped. Mike Rapson, category manager, Xbox Games said: “Gears of War 4 is an inherently social experience so partnering with Twitter on this campaign was the perfect way to help bring fans together and encourage them to experience multiplayer.”

Alice Beverton Palmer, media partnerships, Twitter UK, added: “At Twitter we are always looking for innovative ways to engage our users, and with such a huge gaming audience active right now on the platform, partnering with Xbox on this project made a lot of sense. We are very excited to be able to have this opportunity to create new possibilities for modern gamers on Twitter.”

Article Written by John McCarthy of The Drum